Research Expertise
The team that developed MenuBridge is the same group of experts that will work on your menu development project. Their industry, technical and research expertise ensures your project will be sharply focused, results oriented, and every detail will be well-managed from start to finish.
Meet the MenuBridge team
Rich Tucker

With 30 years in the foodservice industry, Rich understands that the challenges of the menu developer are never-ending. MenuBridge brings together culinary developers and restaurant patrons to solve the menu puzzle.

"MenuBridge is the melding of art and science. Here, culinarians and patrons come together we take creative thinking and put it to the test (so to speak)!"
Kym Schoenfeld
Director, Insights and Visualization

Kym brings years of market research experience, specializing in foodservice since 2010. Give her a problem and she'll create and execute an effective research strategy to deliver actionable insights.

"It's exciting to bring together the right MenuBridge tools with the right people to efficiently help menu development every step of the way."
Andrea Bilotti
Senior Qualitative Specialist

Andrea brings over 20 years of restaurant marketing and research experience to the team. She is an accomplished facilitator who knows the ins and outs of foodservice and loves the adventure of menu creation.

"The restaurant business changes on the fly and now MenuBridge in combination with FoodView 360 offers tools and space to achieve fast-paced innovation!"
Matt Wood
Senior Videographer

With over one thousand hours of live video production and editing, Matt captures the MenuBridge process and feedback using the state-of-the-art FoodView 360° Experience.

"Things happen so quick with MenuBridge and it's great to see it all unfold from multiple camera angles."